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Is there a coach you would 'trade' for in the NFL?

After Doc Rivers changed teams while still under contract and the Celtics got a draft pick as compensation, is there anyone you would do such a thing for?


In the NBA, Doc Rivers was essentially traded to the Los Angeles Clippers for a first round draft pick.

This sort of thing has already happened in the NFL.

In 2002, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Jon Gruden away from the Oakland Raiders and compensated Oakland $8 million and four draft picks.

The other in recent history was two years prior, when the New England Patriots hired Bill Belichick in a strange sequence of events. Belichick was an assistant for the Jets under Bill Parcells. When Parcells stepped down, there was already an arrangement of sorts for Belichick to take over the team. He was named as such, but he resigned the next day. The Patriots hired him, but had to compensate the Jets because Belichick was still under contract. They gave the Jets their first round pick that year.

Technically, these are not really trades. They were compensation to team that had the coach under contract already.

Now, currently how the league has things set up, if an assistant is under contract with a team, it doesn't matter. That team cannot prevent him from obtaining a head coaching position.

But a coach that has resigned but is under contract, or a team wishes to hire another team's head coach, the team holding the contract has every ability to ask for compensation.

The question there a coach in the league you would be willing to do that for? Say Sean Payton up and quit, would you try to hire him? Any others?

Belichick? Mike McCarthy? Pete Carroll? Jim Harbaugh? Mike Tomlin?

What if another team wanted Bruce Arians? Would you even consider that sort of situation? And, if so, what would be the price?

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