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What are the Arizona Cardinals' playoff chances for 2013?

They play in a tough division and were awful in 2012, but do they have a viable shot at the postseason?


NFL Network had their Arizona Cardinals feature when they had their turn as the focus on the segment 32 in 32, and former players Shaun O'Hara and Willie McGinest gave their takes on the chances that the Cards have of reaching the postseason.

McGinest said that the Cards had a 21 percent chance "or less" of making the playoffs.

O'Hara gave them longer odds, at 15 percent.

The main reason for such low odds are the division they are in, with both the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers considered contenders for the Super Bowl. O'Hara also cited the team's 2013 schedule, which features the NFC South, playing teams like the Falcons and the Saints. Those are tough, but then again, the rest of the division also plays those teams.

As of right now, what would be the odds you give the Cards of making it to the playoffs?

I give them better odds. Yes, they play in a tough division, but every year there is a worst to first team. The team has upgraded at quarterback and, assuming the health of Lyle Sendlein and Levi Brown and the addition of Jonathan Cooper to the lineup, the offensive line will perform better than a season ago. The defense is still strong on personnel, but even with a step back, the improvements on offense should overshadow that.

I give them a 33 percent chance. A lot has to go their way. A lot has to fall apart for both the Niners and the Seahawks. But I won't be surprised in the least of Arians leads this team to the playoffs in year one.

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