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The 2013 Captains Race: Offensive Edition

Posters are being drawn up, buttons are being passed out, and everyone is looking to choose their two captains in 2013.

Rob Carr

Okay so the teaser may sound like a high school presidential race, but it gets the point across... There are multiple players on the Cardinals Offense who could very well be team captains this season. The Cardinals do have their two offensive captains from last season returning vying to be reelected in Larry Fitzgerald and Lyle Sendlein... Let's see who could usurp, Lyle Sendlein. (Fitz is pretty much a lock)

Carson Palmer:

The new Sheriff in town, Palmer was a captain both years in Oakland and looks like a very likely candidate to be voted in Arizona. He would be our first quarterback captain since the loss of Kurt Warner in 2009 and our best leader at that position in that time span as well.

Bobby Massie:

Following an abysmal start to his NFL career, Massie began his turn around against the Packers. During the last half of the 2012 season he allowed zero sacks, and very few pressures. He's still young so a captains position seems unlikely, but his talent, if he can continue to improve, has all the makings of a Captain.

Levi Brown:

The guy we all love to hate. He ended the 2011 season on a good note, leaving us fans hungry to see what he had in store for us in 2012. Unfortunately, a triceps tear ended that in the preseason and we never got that chance. He was probably the most missed player on the Offensive Line last year, forcing journeyman D'Anthony Batiste and rookie Nate Potter into the lineup early.

Rashard Mendenhall:

This is the unlikeliest of all the possible Captains. Mendenhall has a world of talent, but he's got lingering knee concerns. He's a leader, but compared to Palmer, or Brown, or even Sendlein, he doesn't match their level.