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Community open thread: Explain your screen name

Time to share a little bit about yourself and what your screen name means.

Now, before you say that this thread has been done before, I know. It has. However, while we do have many of the same faithful members commenting from day to day, we do have many more that are fairly new. I don't recall if it was a year ago or two.

Basically, the idea is simple -- explain your screen name.

Obviously, mine is pretty straight forward. It is my real name. I know there are a few people that write for the network under a pseudonym. I do not. It is my real name.

However, "Jess Root" was not my first screen name for SB Nation. I had to change it when I started writing for the now defunct regional page.

Originally, I was "happilytrappedfan," which was the point of view I wrote from before joining SB Nation. I wrote for a while for and my articles were based on the point of view of an avid sports fan that was limited, or "trapped," by the regular responsibilities of working full time and balancing what I watch on TV with what my kids and wife want to watch. Since I don't like always being alone and separated from the family in another room to watch sports, I have to relinquish TV power to keep the family happy.

Thus was born "happilytrappedfan."

The thing is that none of you likely ever knew me as that. I was pretty much only a lurker on the SBN sites before I started writing.

What about the rest of you. Obviously there will be some ones that are self explanatory, but let us know if you had a former screen name or why you chose that screen name.

We can take a wee bit further, too. We can explain our Twitter handles, as well. Mine, @senorjessroot, is also a bit self explanatory. It is my name with señor, as my regular job is being a Spanish teacher at a local East Valley high school and also at a local community college. I am bilingual and most of my students refer to me as Señor Root.

It's your turn...

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