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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Reggie Walker apparently moving down the depth chart

The special teams standout that showed progress in 2012 is on the second field.


I made an observation during Monday's OTAs that I did not see linebacker Jasper Brinkley in attendance. Based on a video that Mike Jurecki posted on the XTRA910 page, it appears that this is correct. Below in the first video, you will see the linebackers (mostly inside linebackers) doing some footwork drills. Brinkley is not there.

It is important to note that OTAs are voluntary, so there could be any number of reasons why he was not there. There is also the possibility that he was hurt, but I did not see him.

I also noted earlier that with Brinkley not on the field, it was Colin Parker, undrafted last year out of Arizona State, who was with Karlos Dansby on the second team. This is notable because it was not Reggie Walker who was on the field.

This was noted by huguhhbear, who asked about Walker and his absence. Again, in the first video below, Walker (No. 56) is there.

This means that Colin Parker is ahead of him on the depth chart, or that the coaches have him focusing on outside linebacker, as he played both positions last year. It is also possible that he was hurt. He did the drills, but perhaps he was limited in practice reps.

Walker showed great progress and earned himself playing time last season in some nickel packages. However, as we know, things change when coaching staffs change. This isn't to say that he won't catch up or that he won't make an impact elsewhere (he is a special teams stud).

For now, it seems it will be an uphill battle for him to make the roster if a second year undrafted player is ahead of him on the depth chart.

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