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Final results: The Arizona Cardinals anti-Mt. Rushmore

Who are the four that would represent the Arizona Cardinals and their failures?


The Arizona Cardinals, as we know, ave mostly been a team of disappointment and mismanagement since their arrival in Arizona. Aside from the 1998, 2008 and 2009 seasons, plus a trio of 8-8 seasons, there has been a lot of just bad football.

We put out the vote for the symbols of Cardinals infamy.

The final results?

Bill Bidwill, Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson and Buddy Ryan.

Papa Bill was known to be the cheap owner, the one that players and fans detested. Things have changed in how the team is managed since his son Michael has taken over as team president.

Matt Leinart was the poster child for hope gone bad. He was the "gift from heaven" as he was a franchise quarterback that fell to the 10th pick overall in the 2006 draft. He showed promise his rookie year, only to break his collarbone. Then he never has quite been able to do much since. His release from the Cardinals in 2010 was controversial because he was originally the starter and then with little to show in the preseason, was replaced by Derek Anderson. Instead of trying to prove himself or working harder, he publicly questioned the coach and made it personal. That was the end. Leinart has not achieved anything since with any other team either.

Anderson is also a good symbol of infamy, especially after the "I take this s*** serious" rant late in the 2010 season. I don't know if there has been a quarterback that the Cardinals have had that was so infuriating (John Skelton could be a close second) in the way he played. He would make such a beautiful and difficult throw, and then on a screen pass chuck a bullet over the receiver's head. It was maddening watching him. The fact that he replaced Leinart and was the starter to follow Kurt Warner's retirement certainly didn't help.

Ryan was just a bunch of empty swagger. He came in as a hot shot coach "You've got a winner in town," and gave fans a promising 8-8 season to start, but he dismantled the offense and ran the team into the ground, all the while being a jerk. Yet another symbol of failure.

If I had even decent graphics skills, I might have fused these four men's faces on the actual Mt. Rushmore. I don't, so I didn't.

Even after nominations and two rounds of voting, is this how it should have turned out? Did the community get it right?

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