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The ROTB community is growing! Thanks!

Thanks for reading and participating.

Christian Petersen

ROTB community. For the second month in a row, we have seen huge growth. In May, we saw an increase of 152% over May 2012 of unique visitors. We had similar growth in April year-to-year.

Typically, I leave the nuts and bolts about traffic as knowledge for me, since it is important really only to me as it relates to what I do, but I wanted to take the time to thank all of you who frequent the page.

When I took over the site in the beginning of 2011, I know it had not been full of much content. Since then, it has been a focus of mine to keep content up and hopefully make this the main site to come be with Cardinals fans.

I am sure that part of the growth we have had recently is due to the fact that AZCentral has gone to a subscription format, making it difficult to foster community. That's good for us here. However, your increased readership and participation has been noticed this offseason.

Thank you all who come and read and comment. Thanks to those that lurk, because I know you are many. I thank all those that contribute to the site and help me fill the front page.

Since there many more of you that come visit the page, please take a moment to look over our community guidelines.

If you still lurk, I invite you to sign up for a free account and comment on articles.

Don't forget that one of the best features of SB Nation sites is the ability to share links via FanShots or to give you take on things via a FanPost.

FanPosts should be a well put together thought with at least approximately 75 words. Some of you like to give very long comments. If appropriate, write a FanPost.

Don't forget that you can "rec" comments you like and with enough, they will stand out because they turn green. Rec's FanPosts will stay at the top longer for greater discussion.

More questions about FanPosts? I will have an updated guide published later on.

Interested in contributing on the front page or have questions/comments/complaints? Contact me (

I thank you all again. It is great to see the community grow. Those that have been around since the start or even the past two years will note how things have changed. Let's keep it up!