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Bruce Arians pleased with OTA performance, says offense has responded, likes receiver depth

The head coach is pleased with the workouts after the players had a week off.


When the Arizona Cardinals returned on Monday for their final round of organized team activities after a week off of football, head coach Bruce Arians was pleased. He told the press after practice that he "was really pleased."

"I expected it to be a lot sloppier," he said. "We had a couple of false starts and offsides, but, all in all, I was really pleased where we picked back up in all phases."

He said that the wide receivers have gotten some particular focus. "We got a couple more things in and just continue to put players in different positions and see what they can do and what they can't do, especially the wide receivers."

The receivers and the whole offensive unit were called out by Arians during the previous round of team activities. He was asked if they have stepped it up. "Much so, ever since that day" he answered. "It's funny how that works."

The receivers, who got special attention with criticism and are a focus of their drills and situations, are looking good to Arians.

One concern many have is the depth at receiver. Yes, the team has very good talent at the top with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts, plus the addition of rookie Ryan Swope. But outside their top three, only LaRon Byrd has NFL game experience -- only a handful of snaps.

But Arians is not concerned.

"That other field's got a lot of good things happening on it," he said, referring to the second field where the players not on the first and second team work out. "You just can't see it."

He, of course, was alluding to how the second field is not real visible from where the press stands.

"When we go and watch the tape, there's a lot of speed over there, there's a lot of good things going on with those young guys. And a couple of them have made the transition over to this field."

When I was in attendance, who I saw on the main field were the top three guys, LaRon Byrd and Kerry Taylor, a practice squad pickup from last season, who attended Arizona State and went to high school locally as well. I do not recall seeing any of the other guys.

Byrd is already a guy that people are familiar with, as he was the undrafted standout from a season ago.

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