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Arizona Cardinals offensive line not set yet

The coaching staff is going to let competition decide things.


This week in organized team activities, the first team offensive line was comprised of Levi Brown (who had his first day back on Monday, returning from injury, rookie Jonathan Cooper, Lyle Sendlein, Daryn Colledge and Bobby Massie.

Head coach Bruce Arians was asked if this was how the line was going to look come the regular season. He was not going to make that call yet, and he praised Nate Potter.

"Right now there's still so much to decide when you put pads on," he explained. "Nate (Potter) is doing extremely well, so he could move inside in a heartbeat, too, so I'm going to let them all compete and fight it out. We'll solidify that group with plenty of time have chemistry."

Since the hiring of Arians and general manager Steve Keim, they have talked a lot about Potter moving inside to play guard. If he were to move inside, Arians has made it seem that Potter would slide inside to left guard.

That would be an issue, because that is where Cooper plays and will play.

What do I take from that comment? I think it was praise for Potter and his hard work, but it also is just a subtle way to make sure that the guys on the first team know that the situation is not permanent.

Based on personnel, I just don't see Potter replacing Cooper, and right guard would be a big change, so that's where I think that Colledge is pretty safe.

The fun thing will be to watch them compete in training camp once the pads go on and hitting begins.

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