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Carson Palmer sensing urgency to win now

Like his head coach, he is not looking to build something for later. They want to win now, too.


Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has talked about "riding off into the sunset together" with quarterback Carson Palmer. At their age, you don't know how much longer they will play or coach.

Arians was hired by the the team to turn things around, but also to do it quickly, so there is plenty of urgency to win, not just rebuild.

Arians was asked about Palmer's urgency and whether it is affecting the way he works and practices. Arians said that regarding Palmer's desire to win now is "probably no more than mine."

"I think he wants to win now, and I do, too," he added. "I think that's with everyone else. You can see the excitement in him, the way he prepares, the way he practices. He wants to win."

There are many concerns that Palmer is yet another classic example of the quarterback retread that has been used over and over again here without success. The only one that did have success was Kurt Warner.

Will Palmer revitalize is career, and is it even feasible to think that this team could be in the mix for the postseason?

Or will he put up big numbers for a bad team?

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