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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Levi Brown a gift from God?

Bruce Arians throws out that "elite" word again.


Remember when the Arizona Cardinals drafted quarterback Matt Leinart when he surprisingly was available when the Cardinals picked? Remember when Denny Green (the the head coach for Arizona) said that Leinart was a gift from heaven?

Bruce Arians thinks the same thing about good quarterbacks and left tackles.

Last season, both positions were bad. After Levi Brown tore his triceps, D'Anthony Batiste was the worst lineman in all of football. Nate Potter came in midseason ans was respectable.

Now Levi Brown has returned, and so have the concerns from fans who remember an inconsistent and sometime not very good Brown at left tackle. But Arians, who has said it before, said that Brown is elite. He did add the caveat of when he is at his best.

Remember when fans thought it was crazy that the team did not scheme help on the edge to help out Batiste? There is a reason fro that.

"If you have to protect your left tackle all the time you're really game planning with one hand behind your back," Arians said via the team's website. "You can find guys who can run and catch, you can find guys who can play in the middle. But left tackle and quarterback, God makes them."

With Levi back, they won't have to give him extra help. I know what fans think of him -- he is a whipping boy for all that has been wrong with the offensive line. However, the football guys like Arians keep talking about him like an All-Pro. Ken Whisenhunt always defended him.

Maybe there's something to it.

We just need to wait and see.

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