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Patrick Peterson, Daryl Washington among NFL Top 100

Washington is still almost unknown, Peterson is getting some love.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I don't remember it happening, so I missed it, but linebacker Daryl Washington was named as one of the NFL Top 100 players, a series that NFL Network does each season.

In the video about his selection (he was number 94), it didn't seem to focus much on him. In fact, despite being in the Top 100, it seemed that no one even knew who he was -- just his number, And the focus of the feature was not so much about what he did, but how he was the centerpiece of the Cardinals; defense and how good it was as a unit,

Patrick Peterson was also honored. He came in at number 33 after being number 55 last offseason. What was the focus? His confidence. Russell Wilson spoke glowingly of him, even describing him as "electrifying,"

His speed, athleticism and instincts was praised.

He was compared to Deion Sanders and one of his punt return touchdowns was shown side by side with one of Sanders'. Very impressive. He isn't there yet, but his desire to number one makes everyone believe that he will do it.

Former teammate Nick Eason went as far to say that he will end up being one of the greatest of all time.

Now...the series is getting close to the end and a couple of players have not yet been mentioned -- Larry Fitzgerald and Calais Campbell. Will they be mentioned? If they are, that would make it four players among the Top 100, coming from a 5-11 team. Impressive.

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