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Arizona Cardinals pass rush coach Tom Pratt has loads of experience

When you've been around the block as long as Pratt has - every possible situation that you could think of - has probably happened to him.

No, this is not Tom Pratt. This is his younger brother.
No, this is not Tom Pratt. This is his younger brother.
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New pass rushing specialist Tom Pratt has probably heard all the jokes about his age.

"The two weeks older than dirt"? Oldie-but-goodie. Probably been done.

"Social Security Number written in Roman numerals"? Check.

"Received first driving test on a Brontosaurus"? No doubt.

But that's kind of to be expected when you're a 77 year old coach to players that are a third of your age. The "grandkids" are going to give "Grandpa" living hell whether it's their boss or not, it's human nature.

Hopefully though, the youth can put aside the sneaking of replacing Pratt's Polident with super glue long enough to listen to his resume:

All state guard in high school on undefeated team

All American linebacker at the University of Miami (That should at least get Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett's attention.)

Defensive line coach at alma mater after graduation at only 18

Hired by Hank Stram (along with Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy) to be defensive line coach for the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963. Players included HOFers Buck Buchanan and ASU's Curley Culp.

Appeared in 2 Super Bowls in 1966 and 1969

After stints with New Orleans ('78-'80) and Cleveland ('81-'88) returned to the Chiefs and worked with Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith

Coached one season with Warren Sapp in Tampa Bay

So, obviously the guy has either been very fortunate or he knows how to bring the best out of players. I'm siding with the latter. New head coach Bruce Arians wouldn't add him to his staff ( which by the way, once DC Todd Bowles has a birthday in November makes well over half the staff 50 years + of age) unless he felt he had something to bring to the table other than Geritol and a walker. He's had a lifetime of incidents and involvements in his specified area to have experience -which in short, literally and figuratively, would make him an expert.

Yet to him, all he's interested in getting the best out of the defensive players, instilling technique form the ground up.

"Coaching is coaching," he said. "You have to be able to teach the fundamentals. That’s what Bruce is interested in. He wants a teacher."

Even if it means that the instructor has to pull a student out of the classroom by the ear, with a switch in hand.

Now, THAT'S old school.