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ROTB Arizona Cardinals podcast: Carson Palmer and ranking NFL QBs

The latest ROTB show goes through how Jess ranks all the NFL starters

With Ron Jaworski ranking all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL, and after reacting to where he rated Carson Palmer, I felt the need to go through and rank the quarterbacks myself. That was the topic of ROTB Arizona Cardinals podcast No. 2 -- Carson Palmer and ranking the NFL quarterbacks.

From 32nd to first, I go up the list explaining who I would want as my NFL starting quarterback, independent of offense.

I also focus on Carson Palmer, whom Jaworski rated as the 23rd ranked QB in the league. I felt that the rating was a bit too low, but what about my rankings? It turns out that when I put the pencil to paper, I didn't have him much higher.

Listen to the show. Comment. Do you agree with my rankings? Who sticks out to you?

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