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Arizona Cardinals OLB O'Brien Schofield 'at 90 percent,' has added size for season

2013 is his contract year, so he wants to show that he can be great.


One of the players to watch on the Arizona Cardinals during training camp is linebacker O'Brien Schofield. Coming off of another season with injury, he is healthy and ready to go and make an impact.

He was interviewed by, and his health is not an issue this training camp, saying that as of right now, he is "at 90 percent," but that he is right around the corner from 110 percent, a mathematical impossibility, but we get what he is trying to say.

He has added bulk for this season.

"Physically I feel great, I've been working really hard to get healthy and get ready for training camp," Schofield said. "I actually put on 15 pounds, so I'm 15 pounds heavier than I was last year."

He has already stated that, this being his contract year, he wants to be great, so he can be an Arizona Cardinal "for the rest of (his) career."

He also talks about the move of training camp to Glendale.

This will come up closer to the start of training camp, but he will be one of the intriguing players to watch because he currently sits behind free agent signee Lorenzo Alexander on the depth chart.

Can he turn the corner and play a full season, showing that he is the pass rusher the team seeks him to be?

It won't be because of a lack of effort, based on what he says.

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