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What are reasonable expectations for the 2013 Arizona Cardinals

With all the changes, what will make the season a success?


One of the reasons why Bruce Arians was hired to be the new head coach for the Arizona Cardinals was how he believes he can turn things around immediately with the team and win this season. The team wants to win now. Arians will not speak of rebuilding. O'Brien Schofield says that "the vibe is winning."

This gets fans excited. However, as Cardinals fans go, there is also usually a healthy dose of cynicism and always the lingering feeling that they will disappoint.

Naturally, this is because of the expectations going into the season. Optimism is always high this time of year, and especially with key upgrades like at quarterback, one is almost obliged to believe that the team is and will be a competitor.

So the question is, then, what are your 2013 expectations?

Do you have a number of wins? Is it to be competitive, but be bad enough to get a high draft pick (be on the border of good)? Is it to make and win in the playoffs?

Joe Zuppa, who wrote a superb piece on fan expectations for the Arizona Birdgang Podcast page, gives his criteria.

It considers length of time it is in the playoff picture, beating teams with annoying fans and winning at home.

He called 2011 a great example of a satisfying season overall. 2012 was not.

Do you have an expectation criteria? Zuppa leans towards simply being around long enough to surpass national media expectations.

I expect the team to be anywhere between bad (four or five wins) and good/hot (11 wins). What will be a success? Never being out of the picture until the end. The postseason would be nice, but as long as there is tangible progress in key areas (offensive production, quarterback play,defensive activity) to tell me that the team is making its way towards sustained success, I am satisfied.

What about you? What do you think of Zuppa's basis?

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