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Who are the Arizona Cardinals breakout players for 2013?

Some names are not surprising. Others probably are.


This offseason, particularly with the offensive changes that the Arizona Cardinals had in the offseason, there has been a lot of talk about how receivers Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald and tight end Rob Housler are going to have a monster or breakout season.

So after Darren Urban gave us his list of five breakout Cards for 2013, it should not be surprising that both Floyd and Housler are on the list.

The five players he expects to break out this season are mostly on the offensive side of the football. They include Floyd, Housler and a pair of offensive linemen -- second year tackle Bobby Massie and rookie guard Jonathan Cooper. The one defensive player is rookie Tyrann Mathieu.

There isn't really any reason to argue these picks. The offensive scheme combined with the potential of Housler and Floyd are easy choices. Eyes will be on Cooper to solidify the line's interior. Massie came on strong the second half of 2012. Mathieu is just the type of player to make an impact.

Who else should we keep our eyes on?

Offensively, tackle Levi Brown should be on that list of potential breakout players. Head coach Bruce Arians calls him "elite," and loves what he has seen from him. He had a very good second half of the 2011 season, so he cuold be in line to build on that after having missed the entire 2012 season. If he plays how he did when we last saw him, maybe he can have whipping boy status removed.

On the defensive side of the ball, I think that linebacker Lorenzo Alexander will break out. He is penciled in right now as a starter at OLB, and he is a bit of an unknown. he has played offensive line, defensive line and ILB in his NFL career. He is a special teams ace. However, he is smart and he is fast. I am not saying he is going to break out in terms of 10 sacks and looking like a premiere pass rusher. I'm thinking something like the way that Quentin Groves did last year. But I expect him to show that he is starter material.

Likewise, look for Rashad Johnson to break out and play like a solid starter. He made many plays a season ago. He might not be as flashy as Adrian Wilson or Kerry Rhodes were, but he could have the same impact.

Anyone else that you believe will break out?

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