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Cardinals a top 10 receiving corps according to

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Fitzgerald and Co. have some admirers around the league it seems.

That's right, Larry! It's time for a celebration!
That's right, Larry! It's time for a celebration!
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals have not been getting a lot of praise in many of the positional grades this offseason. Happens when the team loses 10 of 11 games to finish the season. But it seems the fans can boast their receivers are better than their division rivals.

Chris Wesseling of, ranks them eighth in the league:

8. Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts, Rob Housler

The Cardinals' quarterback issues have exponentially diminished Fitzgerald's production, but he rightfully remains one of the NFL's most respected wide receivers. Floyd is a breakout candidate as a vertical threat, while Roberts offers run-after-catch ability as the third option.

Ranked seventh? The division rival, Seattle Seahawks. Deep breath. Moving on.

Frankly, while the top 5 may be debatable, ranking the Cardinals as the eighth best receiving corps is about right for a team that has been essentially ranked based on potential.

Larry Fitzgerald is great, but like it or not he is the only proven receiver with national recognition on the Cardinals right now and he is coming off his worst season in the NFL. It's a testament to his talent that the league still recognizes his greatness.

Andre Roberts is also a veteran who has improved in almost every statistical category since his rookie year. However, he will always be at best the third best wide receiver and he is no James Jones or Wes Welker.

Michael Floyd is poised to make a jump next season, but that is based on his production in the second half of the season. Remember through seven games Floyd had eight receptions for 91 yards. Rob Housler, meanwhile is expected to do well based on his catching ability and Bruce Arians past use of tight ends.

Neither player done anything yet, but are getting a pass because their young and have shown flashes of becoming good players. After Housler and Floyd?

A group of unknowns and rookies in Robert Gill, D.C. Jefferson, LaRon Byrd and more. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but you can't rank the Cardinals higher when the teams are chock full of players with numbers on their side.

The rank truly is a testament giving the Cardinals some credit. I just wish the team had enough credit to rank higher than the Seahawks.

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