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Bruce Arians ranked last among NFC West coaches

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However, he is overall in the top 20


Rankings and lists -- that is the life of the pre-training camp season for the NFL. Today is no different. The Arizona Cardinals, who rarely get respect from the national media, do get a little bit in the rankings of head coaches in the NFL, as put together by CBS Sports' Pete Prisco.

Arians, who has never had a true NFL head coaching job, although he was the interim coach for the Colts when Chuck Pagano was receiving treatment for and recovering from leukemia, found himself number 20 on the list.

He is a well-respected offensive mind who did a heck of a job when he took over as the interim coach of the Colts last year after Pagano got sick. Arians did a great job running the Steelers offense a few years ago, but somehow was let go. I think he can have some success in Arizona.

Looking at the list, you can take it two ways. To look on the more negative side, you see that he is last among the four NFC West coaches. However, that is understandable. Both Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh coach two of the best football teams in the league right now. The other, Jeff Fisher, is one of the most respected coaches out there. Arians just doesn't have the track record yet.

Looking on the more positive side, as a first time head coach in the NFL, he is ranked just below Pagano, but ahead of five other veteran head coaches.

Arians gets a lot of respect from all around the league, be it players or other coaches. But respect alone without experience will not get you up the rankings. If he can turn around the Cardinals like Ken Whisenhunt did a few seasons ago, you will see Arians' name fly up the charts of best coaches.

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