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Adrian Wilson talks Patriots, Patrick Peterson, No. 24 with local radio

He stopped by the radio station to reminisce a bit and look ahead to his year in New England


Fan favorite and long time (former) Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson was released by the team this offseason and eventually signed a three-year contract with the New England Patriots. Normally at this time of year, he would sit down with Fox Sports 910 host Mike Jurecki and talk about the upcoming season before heading up to training camp. Wilson stopped by the station on Friday and he and Jurecki had that same talk, only with the context being that he is starting his first season with the Patriots.

Listen to the interview using the embedded streaming player below, or click here for this direct link.

He talked about the decision to sign with the Patriots and being a leader while being a new guy.

When describing the decision, he cited that, when talking to his agent, that New England was the best fit overall, with the fact that they win, it is a great organization to work for and he would still be able to do things that he individually still wishes to accomplish.

He said that Bill Belichick did a great job of making him feel comfortable, and that it was a little bit like being recruited out of high school.

He shared how it is a little bit hard to go in as a new guy and be a leader, but he has simply gone in and done his work.

He has a new nickname...The Hulk, which he calls "ridiculous." He said, though, that there is great team chemistry there in New England.

He gets to wear his number 24, but it took a little work. Kyle Arrington had the number, but he and his wife had a baby. Wilson said that got Pampers to hook up Arrington with a year supply of diapers. There was probably some money involved, but Wilson was reluctant to talk about that. He thinks he has to babysit once, too.

One thing that he made very clear is that he is keeping his home in Arizona, even though his family is out in Boston with him.

He was asked about how different it is to have a great quarterback in practice. He said that everything that everyone says about Tom Brady is warranted.

Jurecki asked him about Tim Tebow. Wilson basically only met him when he came into the building. He wasn't surprised by the signing, but he did say that he isn't surprised by anything in the league.

He could not say what his exact role would be, but he did say that the 30/30 club is important, but not that huge. Making it back to the Super Bowl is number one.

He did say that Darnell Dockett "was born to play the three technique." He said that Calais Campbell can just dominate.

On Patrick Peterson, one thing that offered perspective was how much mental effort it takes to try and not allow any catches in practice or during a game. Wilson is very impressed at his approach to the game. As for where he is as a corner right now, Wilson said it is hard to rank. He said that Peterson is the number one all around cornerback because of all he can do in the return game, playing press, playing off and more.

Wilson was also very pleased for his former teammates that training camp was moved to Glendale.Things will be much more convenient for the players and all they do to prepare their bodies. It will be much less of "a task" to arrange things beyond what the team provides.

He still gets nervous about playing and doing things right. He wants to play at least three years. He feels great and he does not feel the age thing is "dire."

Wilson will be looking to come back to the Cardinals and work in some part of the organization. He also is very pleased that no one on the Cards is wearing 24 this year.

I don't know if we will get another interview like this. It was great to hear A-Dub again.

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