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Arizona Cardinals 2013 training camp preview: The podcast

Jess, Seth and RedC talk about what they are looking for and then some predictions.

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With training camp now having begun with the rookies reporting for the Arizona Cardinals, of course it means that it was time to fire up the podcast.

Seth, RedC and I got together and talked about the issues going into the new season. That included talking about what we were looking forward to and our predictions.

Here were the topics of conversation:

With training camp starting. I am most excited about ______.

What I wish had happened this offseason but didn't is _______.

I am most concerned about _______.

The individual player I am most interested in watching is ________,

The position battle I will be most interested in is __________.

I want to see the Cardinals win ____ preseason games

The most important thing to happen is in the preseason is ________.

Prediction time!

The most surprising positional win will be ______ because _____.

The standout player of preseason/camp will be ________.

The biggest disappointment of camp will be ___________.

Th most surprising cut will be ________.

The player that is the biggest surprise to make the 53-man roster will be ________.

You can give us your thoughts and takes, but please listen to the show. You can do it a number of ways.

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