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2013 Arizona Cardinals training camp: Tidbits, NFL rules and player stipends

Some cool information to know with the commencement of training camp.

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Yes, I know. All of us are ready and happy for training camp. The Arizona Cardinals rookies reported on Tuesday. The veterans report on Thursday and the run test will happen then.

Did you know how much players are paid during camp? Their contracts don't kick in until the regular season games are played.

Here are some facts and rules to know about training camp.


Vets~ $1700/wk
Rookies~ $925/wk

Rules for practices and schedule

Day 1: Physicals, Testing, Meetings (no on-filed activities except running and conditioning)
Day 2: No pads and no contact
Day 3: No pads and no contact
Day 4 through end of camp:

  • 1 padded practice for no more than 3 hours + 1 walk through
  • 3 hours between practices
  • 4 hours total on the field
  • A padded practice that goes more than 60 minutes and is then cancelled counts as a full practice
  • 25 days from release to file an injury grievance Mandatory days off: 1 in every 7 days, at least 5 days off during camp
  • HGH Population Study blood sample to be done during Training camp: Date TBD


The second practice on the same day may only be for a maximum of theremaining available on-field time, and shall be limited to only "walk-through" instruction(i.e., no helmets, full-speed pre-snap, and walking pace after the snap).

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