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Veteran Defensive End to Visit Arizona

The Cardinals are set to bring in John Abraham for a workout.

Kevin C. Cox

We all know the Cardinals cut three individuals yesterday, William Powell (RB), Kyle Auffray (TE), and Michael Rios (WR). We also know that the Cardinals signed UDFA Robby Toma.

This news should come as a little bit of a shocker. I don't believe that many of us expected to sign a "high profile" player late this season, but Abraham comes as that. Over the course of the last three seasons, Abraham has put up 32.5 sacks, with 10 of those coming last year.

The likelihood that he comes into Arizona to become a starter is zero, but he would add a consistent edge rusher, which the Cardinals lack right now. We could see the release of one of the guys already on the roster, probably Frostee Rucker or Matt Shaughnessy.

The biggest obstacle the team will face with Abraham, could very well be the contract. Will Abraham take a one year deal? We're 10.6 million under the cap, so we have a little bit of fluidity with the money, but remember there is still Jonathan Cooper to be signed.

Abraham would be an excellent acquisition, not only as a player, but as a veteran. We'll see how his visit plays out.