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Carson Palmer has 'never' played in an offense like Bruce Arians'

The QB sat down with Eric Kuselias

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson has talked multiple times about how he is excited to play in the Bruce Arians offense. He sat down with NBC Sports' Eric Kuselias last week in Lake Tahoe and gave a few more details.

Specifically, Palmer "has never been in an offense like it."

That is quite a feat for a guy that has been in the league around.

When pressed for details, he points out how almost all offenses have concepts and principles that come from the West Coast Offense. Arians' scheme does not.

"Bruce is a firm believer in what he does," said Palmer. "It's proven. He's done it year in and year out and had success doing it, so it's very different, and I think that's a huge advantage for us because as you're preparing to play us, you don't see a lot of it."

This seems to be a little bit of a theme. Larry Fitzgerald believes the complete change in staff and the personnel will work to the team's advantage and actually help them win more games.

Other bits from the Palmer interview:

1. He wishes he could run like Michael Vick and be that fast, if he could pick a trait to have from someone else.

2. He believes that Matthew Stafford has the strongest arm in he league, and takes a poke at Jay Cutler at the same time.

3. He believes one of his greatest strengths is making the right read and right throw, estimating that 80-90 percent of the time last season he made the right throw and read. If true, this will be a HUGE improvement alone.

4. He refuses to put a ceiling on what the team can achieve.

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