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2013 Arizona Cardinals training camp: Possibilities for offensive line with Eric Winston

If Winston is a Cardinal, there could be a lot of shuffling around.


The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly on the verge of adding veteran offensive tackle Eric Winston to their team. Why? Apparently they don't feel confident enough in the personnel on the offensive line currently.

One report was that Levi Brown did not impress in offseason work. Recently, a report came out that Brown was asked to cut a lot of weight, which he did.

What we do know is that at the end of mini-camp, Bobby Massie was working at left tackle and Nate Potter was working at right tackle.

Adding Winston, who is a right tackle, presumably would come in to play that position. Does that mean that the team is not pleased with the progress of Massie?

Both Potter and Massie have had their names brought up in the offseason about the possibility of being moved to guard. Perhaps the plan would be have Winston at right tackle and move Massie inside to right guard, replacing Daryn Colledge, who was moved from left to right guard after the team drafted Jonathan Cooper. That would mean Brown not playing, which could lead to his being cut, which would have salary cap implications. In the same scenario, some would like to see Brown moved to guard, where he could also replace Colledge.

An unlikely possibility could be to move Winston to left tackle and leave the rest as it was.

And Potter? Perhaps Winston comes in and Potter takes over at left tackle and Massie gets moved over.

In any case, the offensive line becomes almost infinitely more flexible.

Interesting note tweeted by Kent Somers:

Whatever for the change of heart, it has made the start of training camp much more interesting.

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