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Why Letting Go of O'Brien Schofield Was a Bad Move

We replaced him with an excellent player but the release raises questions.

Christian Petersen

When the news came in that John Abraham had been signed to a two year deal, there was a tweet almost immediately from Jude LaCava, @judefox10, that O'Brien Schofield was told he was going to be released. I didn't think much of it, since neither Jurecki, nor Urban had said anything, but it wound up happening.

When they announced it, I was a bit shocked, but I didn't think much of it. However, as I sit here, drinking some awful tasting coffee... I realize just how much of a mistake the move could be.

Say all you want about Schofield's injuries. Last years injury was a fluke and completely unavoidable. He can defend against opponent hits when they're coming at him, but having a teammate roll up on your ankle is something not many players think about.

His stats are also something we could examine, and they wouldn't tell the whole story. He managed four sacks last year, which seems poor, I won't deny, but we also have to take into account the fact that Acho was entrenched as a starter on one side, and Schofield began to lose snaps following Quentin Groves breakout game against the Patriots in Week Two.

I won't deny that Schofield under performed in his career, but when he got out onto the field he showed hope and I have no doubt that this year is his breakout year, wherever he goes.

Where my problem herein lays is depth. If Abraham under performs or pulls off a Joey Porter type season who plays behind him? We have Lorenzo Alexander, Alex Okafor, and Matt Shaughnessy who are all likely to make the roster, all of which don't inspire much confidence. Alexander is known more for his special teams play, Okafor is a rookie, and Shaughnessy has not had similar stats to his 2010 season which was 7 sacks and 56 tackles.

Can one of them perform and shine in Arizona? Probably, but it's not a risk I would take with Abraham being on the wrong side of 30, and no "proven" talent behind him. Obviously the FO and Coaching Staff saw something in him to think Schofield was thus expendable.

Do you think the team made the right choice?