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2013 NFL training camp: Arizona Cardinals OT Bobby Massie wants to 'pick up where he left off'

The young tackle, now fighting for a starting job, wants to continue his progression after a rough start to 2012


Arizona Cardinals tackle Bobby Massie struggled at the start of his rookie season as starting right tackle. There might not have been a worse tackle in the entire league. However, he turned things around. According to Pro Football Focus, he allowed 50 total pressures during the first half of the season. The second half? Only 11.

He feels that, entering his second professional season, he is miles ahead of where he was a season ago -- "physically, mentally, everything."

He says he "just has to pick where (he) left off last year, and everything will be good."

When did things start turning around for Massie? "After I got tired of getting my ass kicked," he said. "Probably after sack number 12, that's when it kicked in.

"I wasn't used to getting beat like that. It never happened in my career before. It was a big shock to me, and there was a lot of people around me to help get me back into my game and helped me progress the way I did."

What did he have to change? "It was attitude and it was mental," he explained. "I wasn't real big on studying. I had never done it before." It was then he decided to start hitting the film room and the playbook more.

We all saw the results.

He got it. He was able to just rely on his physical talents alone up until getting to the NFL. The light went on and he put the mental work in.

However, don't expect him to play left tackle. The reps he got in mini-camp were the first he ever had at the position. And head coach Bruce Arians also said that it was about emergency situations on game days. That way, in a pinch, if Massie had to move over, he has done it in a few practices.

However the competition turns out at right tackle, you it appears that the team will be in good shape no matter how it plays out.

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