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NFL training camp 2013: Kick returner for Arizona Cardinals still an unknown

Bruce Arians not saying who will be in the mix yet.

J. Meric

One positional battleI did not mention in our training camp previews was the kick returner. Part of that was memory, and the other is the fact that we really don't know who will get a shot. Last year's returners (LaRod Stephens-Howling and William Powell) are both gone. Coach Bruce Arians said early in the offseason that Ryan Swope will get a shot...and he has now retired before playing a down.

So who will it be, and who will be considered? Arians is not saying.

He affirmed how important it is to have a guy back there that can be a threat to take it to the end zone, citing how the Colts defeated the Texans in Week 17 on a kick returned for a touchdown by Deji Karim.

When asked if there was a group of guys he already had in mind, he said he did, but that it is too early to say who they are. "First thing, find five or six that can catch it and see how they run with it," he said. "We have enough talent to have an explosive guy back there."

One guy mentioned with Swope in the offseason was rookie running back Andre Ellington. Cornerback Bryan McCann has been a kick returner in the league. You would think that with the speed of Robert Gill, he might get a look. Javier Arenas has been a kick and punt returner.

Those are at least four names that could be in the mix. We will know more in a couple of weeks when the preseason starts.

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