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NFL training camp 2013: Ryan Lindley making progress, compared to Kelly Holcomb

The team has not written him off.

Christian Petersen

After a forgettable season in 2012, one that had all sorts of terrible tape, second year quarterback Ryan Lindley as become a bit of a forgotten man on the Arizona Cardinals roster. Many fans would prefer to see him go.

However, with the upside the team still sees in him with the opportunity to work with some great coaches, he is still around.

I asked head coach Bruce Arians how Lindley is coming along.

"Ryan is coming on really good," he said. "And I hate comparing guys, but he really reminds me a lot of Kelly Holcomb, a quarterback that I love. I see him growing and growing. You know Kelly got thrown into the fire as a rookie, looked like crap. Ryan had no chance when he went out there as a rookie, but he's improving every single day. I love his command of the game."

Your first reaction is to say...Kelly Holcomb? He was terrible!

Well, he wasn't a great starter. He did have two decent years. In 2003, he started 10 games for the Browns, completed almost 64 percent of his passes and threw for 10 TDs and 12 INT. In 2005, while a member of the Bills, he started eight games, going 4-4, completing over 67 percent of his passes for over 1500 yards, 10 TD and eight INT.

In the end, he started some, but he played seven years in the NFL.

While that isn't a dream career, he certainly was a player that could hack it in the league.

If Lindley becomes that, it certainly is no indictment on him. Every team in the NFL needs backup quarterbacks. If he becomes a guy to be capable enough to step in and start a few games, then his career will certainly not be a failure.

Especially since he has a good command for the game, there is no reason why he can't stick around as the team's third stringer.

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