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NFL training camp: Drew Stanton sometimes is Carson Palmer's filter

Head coach Bruce Arians will used the backup to cuss at the starter.


With the trade for quarterback Carson Palmer, it meant that Drew Stanton, who was signed to a three-year contract at the start of free agency, was once again moved from competing for starter to backup. It has been that way for much of his career.

However, he has a role with the team and with head coach Bruce Arians. He can sometimes be the head coach's voice to the starter. Arians also praised Stanton's intelligence.

"Drew's been great," said Arians. "He's so smart. He had a great day (Friday) and at helping Carson. Sometimes as a coach you can tell a guy over and over and over, and when a player tells them, they get it. I saw that with Charlie Batch and Ben (Roethlisberger). Whenever I wanted Ben to really (grasp something), I said to Charlie, 'tell him to do this.' I'd always cuss Charlie out for Ben. So Drew, he's used to it, too. He's really sharp and he's really calm and really good on the sideline."

From what we get from this is:

1. Stanton is a bright quarterback.

2. He sometimes is able to communicate the coach's message better than the coach.

3. He gets cussed out when Palmer makes a mistake.

4. He's a solid bench guy.

What we don't know is if he can make correct reads and put the ball where it needs to be for his receiver to catch, that would be the great thing.

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