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Injuries Strike Cardinals After One Padded Practice

The injury bug has hit several NFL teams, and the Cardinals are its latest "victims".

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We have seen several players go down with ACL tears, MCL tears, concussions, just about every injury related to football. The Cardinals are not exempt, but the Football gods are smiling down on this team only delivering "minor" injuries thus far into camp.

The latest injuries include:

Daryn Colledge- Nerve Problems

Ryan Williams- Knee

Jasper Brinkley- Knee

LaRon Byrd- Concussion

Robert Gill- Hamstring

Alex Gottleib- Hamstring

Daryl Washington- Neck

Jeff King- Knee

A lot of these guys have no time table to return. King is probably taking it easy following his surgery earlier this offseason. Gill has his time table which is 5-7 days, and Williams is getting a second MRI today after the first one came up clean.

Daryn Colledge's injury is not expected to be serious, but it is definitely something to keep our eyes on. The most serious injury is Byrd, and with him looking from the outside in to secure a roster spot, his concussion could not come at a worse time.