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Comparing the AZ Cardinals QBs with the rest of the NFC West

The Cardinals have been the laughing stock of the NFC West for two of the last three years. Let's take a look at several positions and compare them to the rest of the NFC West.


Before we begin, let's look at the current Quarterbacks on all four teams so we can asses who makes the cuts.

Arizona Cardinals:

Name Age Year
Carson Palmer 33 11
Drew Stanton 29 7
Ryan Lindley 24 2
Caleb TerBush 23 R

Palmer and Stanton are locks to make the roster. Lindley and TerBush are different matters. Neither is likely to play a snap in 2013. We'll give Lindley the nod however.

San Francisco 49ers:

Name Age Year
Colin Kaepernick 25 3
Colt McCoy 26 4
Scott Tolzien 25 3
B.J. Daniels 23 R

I only see Kaepernick and McCoy making this roster. Even if the kept Tolzien or Daniels for Depth, no one behind Kaep would be any sort of threat, and instantly put the Niners in turmoil.

Seattle Seahawks:

Name Age Year
Russel Wilson 24 2
Brady Quinn 28 7
Tarvaris Jackson 30 8

Sadly this isn't even the worst depth... Quinn had plenty of hope, but like so many Quarterbacks was broken before he even got a real shot. In Kansas City he was showered with cheers when he replaced Kyle Orton, and bombarded with Boo's when he didn't fare any better. Jackson was cut after in Buffalo after it was supposed to be he and Kolb vying for the starting job.

St. Louis Rams:

Name Age Year
Sam Bradford 25 4
Kellen Clemens 30 8
Austin Davis 24 2
Timothy Jenkins 22 R

I honestly don't see how Rams fans can be all cocky about how they're the "superior team". If the Cardinals had a Depth Chart this poor... I'd cry. And as Cardinal fans... We know sucky quarterbacks.

Just by looking at it, the Cardinals have the deepest and most talented, DEPTH CHART. Maybe Carson Palmer isn't better than Kaepernick or Wilson, or even Bradford (Now we're cutting it close)... But if Wilson, Kaep or Bradford go down with injury... Who's honestly there to fill in? I have no doubt that if Palmer goes down, Stanton could outplay any of the other backups in the NFC West.

So who wins this round? Without the smallest ounce of bias... (maybe a little bit), the Cardinals win this round of the "Deepest Depth Chart". Tune in Sunday for another wild adventure when we visit running backs!

On a side note, Happy 4th of July to everyone. Let's go out there and fire up the Barbeques, and spend a little time with our families today. But let us not forget what the holiday is all about too.

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