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Arizona Cardinals Birdbrain Play of the Week

In what hopefully will be a continual series, we highlight a play or moment in which an Arizona Cardinals player or coach does one of those things in which you question "What the frick?"

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hard to nitpick a road shutout in Green Bay, regardless of preseason. Packers are team that will be reckoned with during the regular season, but face it, Cardinals outplayed them last night. Really impressive victory.

That being said, for every hero in a competitive game, there's a goat. And the one bearing the horns in this contest, to me was TE DC Jefferson.

Play Setup:

2nd quarter, 2nd down and 8 at the 50 at the 14 minute mark. John Abraham had just created a fumble and sack giving Arizona the ball up by a touchdown. The momentum seemed to be on their side.

Backup Drew Stanton lofted a perfect pass to the right side flat to Jefferson who had beaten his one-on-one DB to the sideline.

Problem was Jefferson jumped too soon and bumbled the ball on his way down on what should have been a first down, if not more. Later, in the same drive he dropped a TD catch and limped off at halftime with a hip pointer. Probably not a videotape in which he'll show to the grandkids. Even head coach Arians pointed him out in not a favorable way.

Possible result:

Jefferson was on the cusp to begin with. If not better results in next two games even with current TE injuries - Practice Squad would be a welcome respite instead of being out the league for him.

For his sake, probably shouldn't make this list two weeks in a row.

That could be Will Batson's duty.