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Cardinals vs. Packers: Five negatives from the preseason win

While the Cardinals did win the game it was not without problems.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Bruce Arians told the press that the team would try to win, which to their credit, they did. However, the game also showed the team is far from a playoff or even an average product. Here are five things that hurt the team.

1) Kicking game

Special teams is one area where the time of year doesn't matter. Preseason or regular season you must make field goals. Will Batson missed a 31 and 42-yard attempt. If Jay Feely gets injured this season every kick will be watched on bated breath.

2) Running Backs

Smith had a paltry 1.8 yards per carry off 12 carries is atrocious. While Taylor was able to create longer runs of seven or eight yards, they were sandwiched between one and two yard gains. Worse, he would take losses trying to make big plays rather than hitting the hole for a short gain.

3) Run Blocking

The Cardinals ended the game with 92 yards on 35 attempts. An average of 2.6 Y/A. The line struggled to get consistent lanes for Taylor and Smith to run. Remember, if Cooper goes down, one of these players takes his position.

4) Antoine Cason

He allowed the Packers their big play of the game. The Cardinals have a lot of depth at the cornerback position and this is not what you want Bruce Arians to remember when he hears your name.

5) Mirage Factor

None of this may matter. It's the first preseason game and while the team won and looked pretty good, it can all fall apart just as easily. The Cardinals are still a plethora of unknown factors and one game doesn't change that.