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Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers player of the game

Player of the game in the Arizona Cardinals victory over the Green Bay Packers

Hi, I'm the HB and I make plays. What do you do?
Hi, I'm the HB and I make plays. What do you do?

The first preseason game is behind us, putting a check in the W column. In watching the game there were a few players who stood out as candidates for player of the game in my mind. My nominees are:

Carson Palmer, QB. Palmer is up here for going 4/6 for 77 yards, a TD pass and posting a 149.3% QB rating. Keeper, right?

Patrick Peterson, CB. PP21 is up here for picking off Graham Harrell and putting the Cards in excellent field position to score, which they did. It's PP21 showing the world they need to watch him.

John Abraham, DE. Abraham makes the list for peeling off the left end and strip sacking Harrell. A great start to the recent signing by GM Steve Keim.

Sam Acho, LB: Acho is very cerebral, knows where to be and how to play the game. He's always in position to make a play, and that's why he's here now. Cashing in on Abraham's strip sack, Acho scoops up the loose ball for the Cards. Can't get enough turnovers.

Tyrann Mathieu, CB: The HB was all over the place in yesterday's game. He sacked Harrell and added a TFL. He made some nice moves on the punt he returned. He made things happen.

I'm giving my vote to the rookie, HB takes it home this week. He made things happen yesterday in a couple of different wrinkles in the game. If he continues to build upon what he did, his name could be very big soon.

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