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Cardinals' Levi Brown facing best of the best

Promises to "get it done" in recent interview

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona Cardinals left tackle Levi Brown recently sat down with ArizonaSports620 for a training camp interview. He fielded questions about the team's approach under new head coach Bruce Arians, some of the new faces on the team, the severity of the triceps tear that kept him out of the 2012 season, how he deals with fan criticism, and more. For the full audio, try this:

He seems pleased with the new players and coaches, citing an emphasis on technique and competition. Everyone is fighting for their jobs this year but that hasn't stopped the veterans, like the newly signed Eric Winston, from helping the younger guys out.

One of Arians' growing number of notable quotes, "The more exposure you have, the more you get exposed." Brown has been exposed quite a bit at tackle over the years. It's been difficult for fans to forget that he was drafted ahead of Adrian Peterson, among others. Though Brown ignores the criticism, he knows what he has to do to silence his detractors: get his technique right and play with consistency. Fans will forgive a lot when you're playing well.

That's tough to do when you miss a season due to a torn triceps. Of the injury, Brown said he was unable to lift more than five pounds. His arm would shake from the stress; push-ups were out of the question. He's doing fine now though, and there's little doubt the Cardinals are glad to have him back. After a year of rehab and an off-season spent trying to get back into shape, Brown passed his first test in Green Bay against Clay Matthews and Bruce Arians took note.

"He played extremely well against Clay and I’m anxious to see him this week against DeMarcus," Arians said. "He’s getting battle tested against two of the best in the NFC right off the bat."

With Arians increasing the target number of snaps for his starters from fifteen to twenty, fans should get to see plenty of Brown's upcoming match-up against the Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware. Shutting Ware down would be an excellent step towards displaying the consistency coaches want to see from Brown. He knows offensive line play is important. Quarterbacks need time to get passes away and running backs need holes to run through. Said Brown, "it's our job to get it done and we're gonna get it done."