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Drew Stanton is the perfect backup for the Arizona Cardinals

He truly has a gift -- to be able to compete, but then be humble enough to help and accept his place.

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You could say that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton has been a pretty unlucky guy when it comes to being in a good quarterback situation. He started out with the Detroit Lions and then they went and drafted Matthew Stafford, the guy they want to build around. Then he had a nightmare experience signing with the New York Jets, where they acquired Tim Tebow, which made it a circus. He then went to the Colts, where they drafted Andrew Luck...another franchise guy to build around.

He signed a three-year free agent contract this past offseason with the Cardinals. They then traded for Carson Palmer.

But that is okay. Stanton likes the situation and talked about it on the Burns and Gambo show on Arizona Sports 620. He is also probably the perfect guy to have as a backup.

Listen to the entire interview by using the embedded player below or by clicking here to download it directly.

Stanton revealed the whole experience least year when he was signed by the Jets and then ended up asking for his release before landing with the Colts and Bruce Arians.

"I had some other visits set up and was looking forward to taking those visits as well," explained Stanton, "but as soon as I got (to New York), I felt really good about the entire situation, and I sat in Mike Tanenbaum's office and he told me that if I was to sign on the dotted line that they would not do anything else at the quarterback position.

"Mark Sanchez would be the starter, I would be the backup with a chance to compete to start, and then they had Greg McIlroy, who they liked as a young guy that was intelligent that could get them through a football game and they wanted to see how he progressed."

They famously went back on their promise, trading for Tebow, but what was worse was the fact that once it happened, the team wouldn't return Stanton's phone calls. Eventually he asked to be released, which he was and he landed in Indy, working under Arians, and then following him to Arizona.

Now...he has what Dave Burns described as "a gift." Stanton believes that he is good enough to start in the NFL. He competes like that. However, once he knows that he will be the backup, there isn't any sulking -- he becomes a great teammate. He knows that guys have become starters a lot of different ways. He feels he will get his shot.

He said in the interview that he becomes sort of an extension of the coaching staff in his role because of his familiarity with the offense. He knows what Arians is looking for and also can explain things to Palmer in a way that he understands better. He helps and he pushes.

It is different than other situations. Matt Leinart sulked and was no help. In fact, Leinart could take a page from Stanton's book. Had he not openly questioned the decision, he probably would have gotten his shot to start in 2010 just because Derek Anderson wasn't very good. Even up to a year or two ago, he was talking about how he "deserved" to start. Stanton's approach is the way to go.

Do I think he would be a capable starter? Yes I do. That is comforting because we all know that it just takes one play to send him into the game and into a starting role. At the same time, he is genuinely going to help the team and Palmer to be better.

It really is a gift. Imagine if you and someone else were battling for a position at work. You don't get the job and work under the guy who got it. That's tough. To work hard and support the guy is almost against our human nature.

Despite the drama he has had in recent history, he brings none of it with him.

He might not get a shot to start this year, but that doesn't mean he won't be a valuable asset to the team's success in 2013.

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