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Arizona Cardinals 'will be active' on waiver wire

General manager Steve Keim looking to turn over the back end of the roster


General manager Steve Keim was a guest on Fox Sports 910, talking to Mike Jurecki and Jody Jackson. He has turned over the roster since being promoted to his new team. But he isn't done.

Among the other topics he discussed with the hosts, he said that the team will not stand pat when it comes to improving their personnel.

Listen to the full interview here with the embedded player or by downloading the file directly:

"We're never deep enough at any position," he explained. "The three positions we'll be looking at, at least depth and talent-wise are tight end, wide receiver 4-6, probably nose tackle, you know, a big space eater inside that can give Dan (Williams) a blow and still be a presence."

What does that mean?

The front office is specifically looking for guys that are better than what they have. Names like Kerry Taylor, Robert Gill, Jaron Brown, Kory Sperry, Jeff King, David Carter and Ricky Lumpkin are now on notice. They might make the 53-man roster...only to be replaced a day or two later.

Like Bruce Arians has said..."make me not want to look at the waiver wire." That is the message that was made clear by the team's general manager. As we get closer to first and final cuts, it means guys will be on edge...and fans too.

It sounds like the team will be more active under new leadership than we have seen in the past.

That hopefully is a good thing.

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