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Larry Fitzgerald considered one of NFL's most overpaid players; Dansby, Abraham among most underpaid

Sadly, it might be true.

Jonathan Daniel

2012 was a miserable season for Arizona Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald. He put up the worst statistics in his career since his rookie season and had to deal with the team losing 11 of their 12 games.

The superstar gets all sorts of respect still, though. However, his contract is not getting respect from Forbes, who listed him among the most overpaid players in the NFL.

He averages $15 million over his contract and put up very mediocre numbers. If we were to look at his 2012 season alone, then yes, it would be warranted. If you pay a man $15 million, you expect numbers among the league's elite.

His contract is understandable, though. When he renegotiated his deal, he was in a position of power. The team needed the cap space and did not want him to leave.

However, that much money for a player that has to rely on another to get the ball in his hands? That is being overpaid, even though he is the face of the franchise and his worth goes beyond the performance on the field.

His contract is a bit of the elephant in the room when it comes to the team's salary cap situation. They seem to have things under control for 2014, but it will be a huge number.

Now, do I decry the contract? Not exactly. I would rather have Fitz on the team at that number than no Fitz. Overpaid? Likely, unless he returns to the production we are used to. Then he is worth it.

As for the underpaid, John Abraham and Karlos Dansby make the list. Abraham I get -- his sack production and ability to create turnovers is incredible. Dansby is very good, but he only had a lot of tackles in 2012. he only had one sack and no interceptions. Yes, he is underpaid, but pretty much every veteran free agent was this year. I don't consider him to be one of the most underpaid players. He will be a rotational player once Daryl Washington returns.

What do you think? Fitz overpaid? Abraham and Dansby underpaid?

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