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Cardinals vs. Cowboys: Key stats from 12-7 Arizona win

What did the stat sheet say about the game?

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We have recapped the game, we have gotten quotes and speculated, analyzed and commentated. We haven't mentioned much in the way of stats. Here are some of the stats you might want to know for the 12-7 win the Arizona Cardinals had over the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

74 -- The number of plays the offense ran for Arizona. 51 of them came in the first half.

33 percent -- The offense's third down conversion rate. They were 5/15. It was a big reason why drives stalled in the red zone. They were getting first downs early, just not on third down.

46 percent -- The third down conversion rate for Dallas. That won't cuturday. it in the regular season...unless they are taking the ball away like they did Sat

9 -- The number of red zone points scored. They were 0/5 at getting touchdowns. They went for it once on fourth down (as it is the preseason) and failed, and Jay Feely missed a 30-yard field goal.

33:45 -- The Cards' time of possession. For the second week in a row, they win the TOP battle.

105 -- The number of rushing yards the offense gained. This is deceiving because two "running" plays were designed screens that were called laterals. Those accounted for 12 yards, meaning the "real" rushing yardage was 93.

24 -- The longest run that Andre Ellington had from scrimmage. It was also the total of rushing yards he ended up with. LaRod Stephens-Howling anyone? But seriously, he also did okay in pass protection and he was running with backup linemen in the game.

62.0 -- The combined passer rating of all three Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks.

0; 2 -- The number of sacks allowed by the first team offensive line (zero); the number of sacks allowed by Nate Potter. I believe that someone owes someone a beer on the site. Levi Brown did not give up any.

4-85 -- The number of receptions and yards for receiver Kerry Taylor. Many believe he put himself back into contention for the WR4 spot. Many of those people fail to remember that he is already there on the depth chart.

6 -- The number of turnovers the Cardinals forced. This was crucial because of the next stat. It saved their bacon.

6.2 -- The average number of yards per play for the Cowboys. In comparison, Arizona averaged 4.9. Take away those turnovers and the Cards are in trouble.

0 -- The number of sacks the Arizona first team defense got. Arians did say they really didn't blitz, but again the lack of a pass rush is a concern.

19 -- Number of first downs for Arizona.

2 -- The number of interceptions AND the number of tackles for a loss by safety Tony Jefferson. Not a bad game.

0 -- the number of catches for Rob Housler, who dropped the only ball thrown his way.

4.6 -- The average yards per carry for Rashard Mendenhall, who had 32 yards on seven carries. He looked a little rusty with his first couple of carries, but then looked good after that.

109: 05 -- The number of football game minutes it took for a team to score on the Arizona Cardinals in the preseason.

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