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The Arizona Cardinals Week 2 bonehead poll

Who had the biggest D'oh moment for the Arizona Cardinals?

What do you mean he's not on our team? D'oh!
What do you mean he's not on our team? D'oh!
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Another week another victory, and the Arizona Cardinals have jumped out quickly, exciting the fan base. However, even positive momentum can be derailed by a single bonehead moment.

Here are my nominees for Bonehead of the game poll:

Drew Stanton and his red zone interception: This says it all, a chance to put points on the board and Stanton throws a pick to DeVonte Holloman. Can you say D'oh?

Michael Floyd coughing up the football: Want to know how to really push a coaches buttons? Make a beautiful catch and then put the ball back into play. They really love it when you do this while in the opponents red zone. Michael Floyd demonstrated this yesterday, catching a Carson Palmer pass at the Dallas six yard line and then playing hot potato with the ball.

Charles Hawkins punt return choice: I can't tell me if this play made me say D'oh or Owww more. Hawkins took a shot. Yes, I understand the yellow laundry went flying, but overall this decision was poor on a health level and a football level. I would think this week in practice focuses on the fair catch option.

Levi Brown and his holding penalty: Second penalty in two weeks of limited playing time, hinting at the Levi Brown of old. These types of penalties kill drives. Hopefully the kinks are worked out before preseason and Brown drops the mental errors otherwise there may be a lot of D'oh moments in the future.

After reviewing the candidates, Drew Stanton takes home my vote for the Bonehead moment award. Who get's your vote? Let us know in the poll below.