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Despite no points given up, should we worry about the Arizona Cardinals starting defense?

In two games, the defense has given up a lot of yards to starters.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers are in. The Arizona Cardinals have gotten eight turnovers. They have only allowed seven points. It took over seven quarters for the defense to allow a single point.

So there are no concerns, right?

There might be one.

Everything about the turnovers and points are true, but there is a possibly disconcerting stat that could raise eyebrows.

Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo, in limited time, combined to throw 10/15 for 204 yards.

That is only 15 throws, which is about a half's worth of work, and over 200 yards. That is a lot of yardage -- 20.4 yards per completion and 13.6 yards per attempt.

Bruce Arians has said the defensive goals are number one in points against and turnovers, and that looks good so far, but can it last?

There is something to be had about how the defensive unit is proving to be able to actually take the ball away. However, many turnovers are good luck or bad football by the opponent, as opposed to something that the defense overtly does.

Can they and should they count on taking the ball away every time they have a bad play? Take the Dunbar fumble. Jasper Brinkley was beat and then Dunbar just lets the ball go when he was tripped. Powers gives up a big play to Dez Bryant and takes the ball away, but is that something to bank on?

I am all for getting turnovers. It is how you win games. However, is this going to be a defense that gives up a lot of yards but stiffens in the red zone or tries to get the ball out. That is playing with fire and will eventually get you burned -- it is inevitable.

We have had a good showing so far. The starters are expected to play into the second half against San Diego on Saturday. We will get to see with a larger sample size whether or not the turnover thing is going to be a trend and also if the yardage allowed will be something we will see happen.

Are you concerned? I might be.

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