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Arizona Cardinals training camp 2013: Dan Williams to miss some time with knee, ankle injuries; is having Pro Bowl camp

His leg injury is not serious, but will take some a little time to heal.


On Friday after the Arizona Cardinals went through their morning walk through at the hotel they were staying in, head coach Bruce Arians addressed the media at the stadium and the first news was about defensive tackle Dan Williams and his leg injury.

"Knock on wood," he said. "We were very fortunate." Williams suffered a sprain of the MCL in his knee and it will not require surgery. However, what was actually more severe was the sprained ankle he also suffered. It is not a high ankle sprain. But the timetable is unknown.

"Ankles are funny," he said. "The knee should be three or four days. The ankle, we'll see."

Thus far, Williams has had a very good camp. Arians called it "great," noting that he came in underweight (his number was 327, he came in at 320) and has been actively running to the ball and "putting pressure up the middle of the pocket."

"He's been playing at a Pro Bowl level in camp," said Arians to summarize.

Williams was worried when the injury happened. "It was just scary getting rolled up on," he described. "I was thinking torn something, ACL. It was the first thing that came to my mind."

He had an MRI done and it came back clean, which he was "happy" about.

He thinks he has a chance to play next Friday in the team's first preseason game. "I want to play," he said, but noted that he will just take it "one day at a time" working with the coaching staff.

As for what happened with the injury, he said it wasn't just Darnell Dockett that rolled up on him -- it was a bunch of guys. He said it was a bit his fault for the injury because he "was too high" and didn't get enough leverage to push forward more, but did say that it is just one of those football injuries that happen.

In his absence, Coach Arians said that they will rotate guys at the position, but mentioned Matt Shaughnessy in particular as one guy that will get moved inside for now.

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