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Arizona Cardinals training camp: Bobby Massie having a 'so-so' camp

The recently demoted tackle is having too many mental errors.


During training camp for the Arizona Cardinals, one of the positional battles that was expected to be pretty good was the battle at right tackle between Bobby Massie and Eric Winston.

Massie started as the first team right tackle, but was recently demoted and Winston took over. We now know why, based on what Bruce Arians said about Massie.

When asked what kind of camp Massie was having, Arians responded with "so-so." "Good effort, good physical," he said. "his biggest problem has been mental errors."

Mental errors is something that Arians does not want.

Something that Massie revealed earlier in camp was that he started turning things around last season when he started getting more into the playbook and studying film. He is with a new coaching staff and new offense, so, as a young player, it should not be too surprising that he is having mental errors.

Winston, a veteran, says he feels he has picked up the offense "well enough."

"I never came into camp thinking that it was going to be handed to me," said Winston, referring to the job. He says that now that he has been given the chance to run with the "ones", he has to "prove (he) can stay."

By no means is the competition over. Arians said that he still does not have an idea who will be his starting five offensive linemen. He knows more or less the eight or nine guys it will come from, but he needs to see how they do "with live bullets" against other teams.

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