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Daryn Colledge had leg fracture, is getting work in at center

But don't call him versatile

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When right guard Daryn Colledge went down with a leg injury, head coach Bruce Arians made it a point to say that it wasn't a fracture in his leg and that it was nerve damage. Then, on the Big Red Rage, general manager Steve Keim did say it was a fracture.

So an football team wasn't forthcoming about the injury? That's NEVER happened before. Said Colledge, "What we tell people and what needs to be said are two different things."

Anyway, he is back (he played on Sunday) and he is getting work at center, which Arians said would happen.

It is simply to have a guy that could play there in a pinch. "The center kind of starts everything for us," said Colledge via Arizona Sports. "He's the leader out there. He's the one who makes the mike calls and makes the line calls. He sets everything in motion.

"I told the guys if I moved to center that there will be no calls. I'm going to worry about the snap and get that handled. We can worry about the other stuff down the road."

The team already let go Scott Wedige and Kyle Quinn, both centers. It appears that it all but cements Mike Gibson's place on the roster, as he plays both center and guard, and he has been the primary backup center all offseason.

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