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Arizona Cardinals top fantasy football prospects

If you are looking at the Arizona Cardinals for fantasy prospects, these are the guys to look at.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Well, fantasy team owners everywhere are getting ready to set their teams and draft their players. If you are looking at the Arizona Cardinals for players on the roster that could be solid pickups, well here are the names to pay attention to.

It has been well documented all offseason that two players are huge breakout candidates -- receiver Michael Floyd and tight end Rob Housler. The Cardinals finally have a quarterback that can actually hit open receivers. Floyd finished the year strong in 2012 and has had a surpeb offseason, as has Housler. Almost every fantasy projection has these two players are value picks with potential breakout status.

Larry Fitzgerald will have a real NFL quarterback throwing him the ball. he has also had to learn to play multiple receiver positions, so he will be all over the field and in different formations. The likely result? A year more like the ones we have always seen from him.

However, if you are going to in an IDP league, then one player is a must have. That is Patrick Peterson. He will give you points on defense because he will get interceptions. He can give you points with his punt returns. Now he is a piece of the offense. How many players on your fantasy team could potentially score a touchdown offensively, defensively and on special teams? Peterson is that guy.

Another worthwhile pickup is Daryl Washington, but not until after his suspension is up. He piles up tackles, sacks and can pick off the ball. John Abraham seems to be inked in for at least 10 sacks.

Anyone I'm missing?