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Patrick Peterson getting more and more time with the Arizona Cardinals offense

It is starting to look less and less like a gimmick.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Peterson's package has grown. Well, his offensive package has. The Pro Bowl cornerback has been seen nearly daily lining up as a receiver and being asked to make plays.

At first, it looked like something as a novelty -- just something to think about. At the start of camp, Peterson was included on about 15 offensive plays.

How much has that changed? According to Peterson, he is involved in about 60 offensive plays.

60? That isn't something novel. It isn't a gimmick. This is a guy that will have a very important role on offense, someone that might actually come in in any situation.

There are concerns about playing him so much, such as fatigue, but Peterson prides himself on being perhaps the fittest guy on the team and has said on multiple occasions that it isn't a thing to worry about it.

Do you think that we will see some PP time on Saturday? I would say this is likely. It is the preseason game the will most resemble the ones that count.

This could be the biggest story of the season. Will Peterson not only take the next step defensively, but also become a big offensive threat? If he does, watch out for his coming contract extension. That will cost the team a boatload.

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