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Chargers vs. Cardinals final score: Arizona fall 24-7 in error and injury riddled game

It is just ugly.

Christian Petersen

Tonight we can all be thankful that it was a preseason game played tonight because the Arizona Cardinals struggled in an embarrassing game of football against the San Diego Chargers. The defense struggled throughout the game and the offense made mistakes left and right with Levi Brown and Jerraud Powerspunctuating the embarrassment with repugnant individual play. Worst of it all, rookie first round pick Jonathon Cooper left in the beginning of the third quarter with an apparent knee injury. Cardinal's fans, it doesn't look good.

"The List" of terrible starts with Rob Housler dropping a sure touchdown, the defense getting shredded, Jerraud Powers getting flagged on THREE pass interference calls in one-half, Rashad Johnson pitching a recovered fumble to Calais Campbell who wasn't able to get reel it in and the Chargers recovering their fumbled fumble for a touchdown (you get that?) and too many other miscues to name.

There were only a few bright spots, Rashard Mendenhall and Alfonso Smith both had nice games with the line creating big holes. Mendenhall did leave the game with a knee injury but it did not seem serious. Michael Floyd also showed up with spectacular grab in the end zone, barely keeping two feet in.

Thankfully it is a preseason football game but one has to worry about the product that the Cardinals are going to put out once the regular season begins. The defense generated very little pressure against a suspect Chargers offensive line, the secondary was shredded and the run defense was poor. The offensive line struggled in pass protection and Carson Palmer made some poor throws.

With the fourth preseason game likely to feature no starters, we will have to wait till week one against the Rams to see if the Cardinals sorted out tonight's debacle.