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Cardinals Bubble Players: Who's Popped and Who's Floating

Several Bubbles were popped, but there are still guys clinging to their bubbles.

Christian Petersen

Bubbles Popped:

Scott Wedige: It's already been announced he was cut, but Gibson got the most of the snaps once Sendlein went to the sideline to end his night. I liked Wedige, and I believe he's a better snapper than Gibson, but I doubt we carry two centers on the roster anyway, so Gibson is gone in the next round of cuts.

D.C. Jefferson: Most inconsistent player I have seen in a long time. Great catch here, good catch there... Than a popped up ball that he couldn't hold on to goes for a pick. He'll likely be sent to the PS, which makes sense, and will get his second shot next year.

I'm not saying Jefferson is cut, at least not this week. But the likelihood that he is on this roster come Week 1 is slim, unless Rob Houslers injury is serious.

Still Clinging:

Ryan Williams: Saw his first preseason action this year, it was a handful of carries for 10 yards, but he ran angry, made nice cuts, and played like he should have. He will see plenty more time in the final preseason match up come Thursday, but if yesterday was any indication as to his health, he looked very good.

Paul Fanaika: He likely secured himself a roster spot, in a way that no one wish it would have. The loss of Jonathan Cooper. Now, there's nothing for certain as to how the offensive line will be set up now, but based off of what we have seen and heard of Fanaika, it makes the most sense to shift Colledge back to LG and put Fanaika at RG.

Obviously there are more players, Alfonso Smith, Charles Hawkins, and a few others, but these players were the ones likely to see the first rounds of cuts if they did not find the field, or if an injury did not happen.