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NFL roster cuts: Keep, trade or cut Ryan Williams; should Tony Jefferson make the Arizona Cardinals?

In the latest episode of the podcast,

With the first round of roster cuts in the book, it was time to the podcast crew together. RedC, Seth and I recorded the latest episode of our podcast/radio show. We even had a caller! What did we talk about? None other than the cuts and roster moves that the Arizona Cardinals made, the injury to Jonathan Cooper and the question of Ryan Williams and Tony Jefferson should make the team.

We reacted to the 24-7 preseason loss. The general feeling was that it felt like 2012, but, at the same time, we didn't take too much from it, aside from the injuries.

We briefly discussed the first round of roster cuts, but didn't spend a lot of time on that.

Instead, we went into the main discussion, which began with the Jonathan Cooper injury. Should he come back this season? You might be surprised to know not everyone agreed. We also talk about the lineup shuffles.

Then were the two topics that have readers on the site -- Ryan William and Tony Jefferson.

We all give our thought on whether to keep, cut or trade Ryan Williams and even pose the question -- if the final roster spot were to come down to either Ryan Williams (a fifth running back) or Ryan Lindley (third quarterback), which way would you go?

Finally was about undrafted safety Tony Jefferson. Should he make the team? Will he make the team?

Listen to the show using the embedded player at the top of the article, or you can listen using the embedded player that follows. If neither of those works for you, use this direct link.